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Surface treatment

Delta Seal


It has a protective and ‘organic’ coating called final coat or topcoat, it is especially suited for Delta Tone 9000 or Delta Protekt KL. With the dip-spinning technology, coats are applied until the desired colour and resistance are achieved.

Due to the expiration of the product and the high demand, we are compelled to currently employ two colours: SILVER and BLACK.


• Provides colour

• Improves the coefficient of friction

• Protects from corrosion of galvanic couples (i.e. between different materials)

• Reduces or delays the corrosion by contact

• Increased resistance in salt spray tests, as well as in humidity or Kesternich testings

• Can be applied by dip coating, cold spinning and spraying

• Drying at a temperature of 200ºC for all the coatings during 15 minutes

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